Press Voices

“Erik Petersson has written an amazingly generous and vivid account of a tragic life. This is the best I’ve read when it comes to historical literature. You will be as fascinated as I was when you read Prince of the North.” – JAKOB CARLANDER, CORREN

Popular history of the highest degree […] It’s not often that you read historical biographies written in such a beautiful and vivid prose as in historian Erik Petersson’s Prince of the North. His interesting digressions are even further icing on the cake.” – DAST

Exciting as an adventure novel […] Petersson highlights both social life, power relations and economics, during this time, so it’s not just exciting but also an in-depth and vibrant history lesson.” -DALADEMOKRATEN

A majestic book.” – DAGENS NYHETER

“… remarkably well written, with a vivid prose that embrace the reader in a narrative rhythm […] Petersson also makes fascinating parentheses about subjects rarely dealt with in our historical works” – DICK HARRISON, SVENSKA DAGBLADET

“An unusually multifaceted image […] Erik Petersson cleverly uses different rhetorical approaches when he inserts source-critical analyzes, personal reflections and contemporary parallels into the text.” -JÖNKÖPINGSPOSTEN

“Prince of the North stands out, in the most positive way, from the flood of popular-history books. […] Petersson is not only a highly skilled historian, you can also tell that he is a talented storyteller in the popular-history and fact-filled text that he has so cleverly crafted.” – TIDNINGEN KULTUREN