The Author

Erik Petersson (b. 1985) is a historian and author. He has previously written other titles of popular history, concerned with the fight for power in the Nordic countries. He is also a writer for Corren and Axess magazine, and makes regular appearances on Swedish radio.



The year is 1500 and Christian is just twenty-one years of age when his erratic father sends him to the western parts of the union to maintain peace amongst his subjects. There, he is torn between archbishops, aristocrats, farmers and powerful landowners as he struggles to maintain authority and suppress rebellion. Set against the backdrop of a global world on the cusp of modernity, the eyes of Europe are upon him, and this is not just a battle concerning the Nordic countries but a power struggle that concerns everyone and that continues to have powerful reverberations throughout history to the present day. It is a story of betrayal and hidden motives, cover ups, loss and uncertainty.